Gun Love

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Recipient of a Guggenheim Fellowship, the searing, unforgettable story of a young girl's resilience, beginning with an unusual childhood and then changed forever by shocking tragedy, by the award-winning author of Prayers for the Stolen

Pearl's mother took her away from her family just weeks after she was born, and drove off to central Florida determined to begin a new life for herself and her daughter--in the parking lot next to a trailer park. Pearl grew up in the front seat of their '94 Mercury, while her mother lived in the back. Despite their hardships, mother and daughter both adjusted to life, making friends with the residents of the trailers and creating a deep connection to each other. All around them, Florida is populated with gun owners--those hunting alligators for sport, those who want to protect their families, and those who create a sense of danger. When Pearl's mother falls hard for Eli Redmond--a man with a passion for guns and a knack for finding trouble--her terrible fate is sealed.

The story of a tough but optimistic young woman growing up in contemporary America in the midst of its love affair with firearms, Gun Love is an emotional journey written in gorgeously poetic prose, for readers of classic coming-of-age tales like Bastard Out of Carolina.


"It’s been a long time since I’ve been so mesmerized with a novel’s each next sentence. Jennifer Clement is one of our most inventive novelists. There’s no telling what she’ll see. Whatever it is, it’s something right in front of us, but—here is the magic trick—something we have never before seen. Gun Love is an amazement: fierce, inventive, tender."--Rick Bass

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